Trench Shoring & Walers

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In order to ensure worker safety at nearly every type of excavation, Calumet Harbor Lumber stocks and manufactures a variety of durable and cost-efficient shoring and walers. Shoring, commonly referred to as lagging and sheathing, is sold in many species of both panel and dimension lumber, to better meet the demands of your specific project.

Size Thickness
8' x 4' 3/4", 1", 1 1/8", 1 1/4"
10' x 4' 3/4"
12' x 4' 3/4"


Panels are stocked in Douglas Fir, Southern Yellow Pine and Birch. In order to maximize reuse and minimize end-product cost, birch panels are weather-resistant and impregnated with phenolic resins. Specialty layups are available upon request.

Shoring and Walers

Shoring and Walers are stocked in a wide assortment of sizes, lengths and grades, including Oak, Mixed Hardwood, Douglas Fir and Southern Yellow Pine.


  • Treatments including Creosote, CCA, Penta to name few.
  • Precision end trimming
  • Chisel pointing (wedging)

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